Rochto’s…excited about the Duran Duran concert tonight.

And I thought I was chatty on social media.  Turns out she just needed the right topic, clipped from her Facebook:

Rochelle Conway Toulouse What a fabulous weekend! Awesome fireworks displays (yes that’s multiple) in our very own Big Rock Ridge!!! Tonight – More awesomeness. Time to be a teenager again. Going to see my ALL TIME FAVORITE BAND EVER – DURAN DURAN!!!! I love you John, Simon, Nick, and Roger!!!!

Okay – I can’t post about this enough. I’m hitting a nostalgia trip. Got the DD DVD Greatest Hits blaring in the background. I still remember when I first fell in love w/the band. I was 11 and saw the music video "The Reflex" on my best friend’s HUGE projection TV – Ah the days of MTV. Yes…I was a late Duranie bloomer. Didn’t become a fan until "Seven and the Ragged Tiger"…but it wasn’t too soon after that I had the 2 previous albums: “Duran Duran” and “Rio”.

Then "Arena"!!! Oh how so many times I would go to the video store to rent "Blue Silver" on VHS (which now, yes, I own on DVD). And staying up until 5:00am to watch the premier video of "Wild Boys" on MTV. Remember Friday Night Video??? Oh the days – I’d stay up late just to see DD host! My bedroom wall was surrounded w/DD posters – I mean ALL walls including the ceiling. Teeny bop magazines and Japanese imports!!!

I’m so blessed to have married a fellow Duranie. We were at the same "Big Thing" concert at Arcadia in Dallas when we were 15!!! And I have been so ever blessed to have seen DD perform every year in Seattle since we moved here in 2003. Not to mention the concerts in Dallas!!! I feel 15 all over again!!!

Duran Duran – God Bless you for still touring!!! And for picking Seattle this year as one of the few "select" cities. Looking forward to an amazing concert!!!!

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