Between e3 and work, I’ve seriously not had much time to game or even answer emails lately. For everyone I’ve not gotten a chance to get back to, sorry.  This post might provide some context.

But now on to the winners of my contest! The idea was to come up with the best/worst fake video game title.  Here are the WINNARS:

Third place, winning the prize of being fired, is Jake (8Bitjoystick) for his entry:

Wilford Brimley’s Legend of the Oat Warrior: Shut up and JAM!

Second place, winning a set of steak knives, is Turtle502 for this entry:

Pi Hero: Digit expansion pack

As previously mentioned I had so many entries I had a three way tie for first place. 

For third first place, winning a copy of Wil Wheaton’s “Happiest Days of our Lives”, Chris! For his entry:

Fly Swatter: Broken Wings

For second first place, winning a copy of Wil Wheaton’s “Sunken Treasure”, Adam, for his entry:

50 Cent presents Mario vs. Tony Hawk Urban Snowboarding

And finally, for first place, winning a copy of Jonathan Coulton’s CD/DVD combo “Best. Concert. Ever.”, General Grey, for his entry:

The West Peoria Ornithological Society’s Woodlarks III : Revenge of the Dartford Warbler (Hellish Migration Edition)

Congratulations to all the WINNARS!  Your prizes will be mailed out on Tuesday, June 16th.  Thanks for playing!

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