Homophobia and Virtual Communities

It’s an insanely busy summer for reasons I cannot yet reveal.  However I’m extremely proud to be participating in a panel this weekend on Homophobia and Virtual Communities live in San Francisco being put on by the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD).  Besides getting to visit one of my favorite cities, this is an extremely important topic that I’m privileged to get to talk about alongside some really smart folk.  The panel participants, besides me, are:

  • Flynn DeMarco (Alias: Fruite Brute), Founder of GayGamer.net
  • Dan Hewitt, Senior Director of Communications & Industry Affairs for the Entertainment Software Association (ESA)
  • Caryl Shaw, Senior Producer in the Maxis Studio (Electronic Arts, Inc.) 
  • Cyn Skyberg, VP of Customer Relations at Linden Lab
  • Moderator: Justin Cole, Director of Digital & Online Media, GLAAD
  • The press release discussing the topic can be found here.  It takes place July 18th and you can reserve a spot to attend here if you are going to be (or already are) in the area.  I hope to tweet LIVE from the panel and look forward to the conversation on how we can enable safer communities online.

    I am free part of the time I am in the city, so hit me up if you want to hang out!

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