Wow busy holiday season.  Just had my mother and two brothers up for Christmas.  So far my vacation has been productive.  With my brothers’ help we cleared out the garage and Rochelle and my mom painted the library while I got ready to install the wall to wall bookshelves we brought over from our other house. 
I finally got around to seeing Terminator 3, in which I saw some nice little parallels to my own work in computer security.  I found the idea of a distributed computer node network allowing a central core to attain self awareness a cool idea. And all the while people just thought it was some kind of benign yet annoying computer virus spreading throughout the Internet. 
My prize possession this holiday season is a SIGNED copy of the new Eraserhead DVD that Rochelle gave me.
Games being played:
Dipping it old school on the PC with Quake1, Quake2, and OpenGL Doom.
In the Xbox: Counterstrike, Max Payne 2, Links 2004
In the PS2: SSX Tricky (again)
In the GBA: Simcity 2000

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