Well it’s been nearly a year now since the move to Seattle.  In celebration of surviving a whole year in the MSRC I’m taking a month off work to catch up on some family visiting and video game playing.
Speaking of.  I can’t seem to get Counter-Strike out of my Xbox.  Despite also playing tons of Links 2004 and Crimson Skies, Counter-Strike is the best team game for the Xbox since Wolfenstein came out.
Since my gaming machine (a Toshiba Satellite laptop with an Nvidia Geforce 440Go in it) has started choking on the more taxing games out there, I’ve been playing more and more Xbox.  In fact I’ve almost gotten to the point that if the game is available on the Xbox, I prefer to play it on that platform.  Xbox Live allows no cheating as opposed to the regular Internet,  and I can always be sure the game is going to run relatively smoothly.  It’s the first time ever I think in my life that a console has taken a +50% share of my gaming time.  In preparation for my brothers coming up I’m even considering buying a second one to go in my theatre room.

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