New Year!

Happy New Year!
I spent a quiet new years at home last night with friends watching the fireworks show from the Space Needle on TV.  Looks incredible and hope to actually just go on down there for the night next year.
If its not snowing.
Which brings me to snow.  Seattle is much like Dallas in its winter.  The temperatures rarely dip below 35 for extended periods and it’s the rainy season.  However since I live in Duvall, I live on top of a ridge.  The ridge itself isn’t all that incredibly high, I believe my GPS notes I’m 250 feet above sea level, roughly 250 feet above the Snoqualmie River Valley.  Apparently that 250 feet makes all the difference in the world when you are talking about snow.  If Seattle proper is forecast for an inch, we’ll easily get 3. If you just drive down the ridge to the main road, there’s no snow at all, just rain. While the winter wonderland aspect is great, and my dogs think this is what heaven must be like, it can get tiresome when you want to get out into the city.
DON’T get SSX3 for the Game Boy Advanced.  Stupid me, I thought maybe they’d just change up the game a bit to be top down or side scroller given the GBA’s weaknesses at 3D.  Nope.  They tried to implement a third person 3D view.  The result is absolutely awful.  One of the most unplayable games I’ve ever seen.  Advance Wars 2 is back in the GBA after that little misadventure.

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