My PAX 2013 Appearance Schedule

PAX is nigh! Nigh means that it’s right on top of us! I’m talking Imminent PAX-AGE.

Having alerted you properly, here is my schedule:


I’ll be hanging around the Kris Straub and Mickey Neumann Two Iron Thrones show at the Triple door!


Join me at 7pm in the Wolfman theater for “Hey Vasquez, you ever been mistaken for a man? A discussion of military servicewomen in Video Games

Join Stephen “Stepto” Toulouse alongside a panel of expert gamers who happen to be women who have served our country. We’ll discuss tropes, cliches, and good examples of how to portray women in military scenarios, and take your questions about how the industry can better portray women as more than just “female armored men” and instead be the strong military members they actually are in real life.


Stephen Toulouse [Head Chief of Presidency,], Ana Visneski [na, NA], Sarah Mccaffrey [na, NA]



Sadly I will not be taking my old seat on the Major Nelson Radio podcast as Larry has too many guests to fit me in, but that doesn’t mean YOU shouldn’t go see it! It’s at 4pm in the Serpent theater. But then, immediately after at 5:30 in the Serpent theater, join me for “All You Zombies: Why the Genre Still Holds Our Attention.”

Please join Stephen “Stepto” Toulouse along with Chet Faliszek from Valve software (Left 4 Dead) and Dean Hall (Bohemia Interactive) alongside other zombie game industry vets in a discussion around what attracts gamers to zombies, inspiration when making a zombie game, whether the genre needs a break, and where do we go from here.


Stephen Toulouse [Vice President in Charge of the Presidency,], Chet Faliszek [Valve Software], Dean Hall [Bohemian Studios], Gary Whitta [Writer, The Walking Dead, Telltale Games], Jeff Strain [CEO, Undead Labs]


I’ll be at Cards Against Humanity LIVE at the Triple Door! Then right after, please join me and many other guests as we remember our friend Ryan Davis at a very special episode of the Cards Against Humanity PAX Panel at 9:30 in the Kraken theater.

Join the creators of Cards Against Humanity and special guests to remember our friend Ryan Davis. As always, we’ll take card suggestions from the audience; the best ones will be included in the game and the worst will be mercilessly ridiculed. Out of respect for the wishes of Mr. Davis, no toe-shoes will be permitted in the theater. BYOB.


Max Temkin [Cards Against Humanity], Ben Hantoot, Josh Dillon, Daniel Dranove, Eli Halpern, David Pinsof, David Munk, Eliot Weinstein

I cannot stress enough how amazing and wonderful the Card Against Humanity panel is going to be. We’re going to be bringing all the feels yo, and laughing as hard as Ryan would want us to. Please join us so that we’re not all crying alone in the dark.




So that’s it!  As always I will be in and around the event itself, please feel free to stop me and say hi

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