I’m gonna weigh in on this whole Miley Cyrus thing. Ready? LET’S DIVE ON IN.

I made my share of Internet snarky comments but here is the deal:

Miley Cyrus is a grown woman and if she wants to shake her butt on stage for the entertainment of herself and others then more power to her and she’s not a slut nor making a horrible mistake.

I didn’t hear anyone wailing about how Justin Beiber was ruining his life forever when he rubbed his junk on a fan’s cell phone.

Instead people just shook their head in that “What a scamp, he’ll grow out of it.” tone.

I am concerned at her use of racial sexual stereotypes (many thanks to my friend Sara for pointing this article out to me.) but you know what? It’s really not my area of expertise or life experience. So I reserve the right to poke fun from a “Internet Snark” perspective because the performance was, in my mind, just plain bad. But a grown woman being sexual and we’re going to angst on “how far she’s fallen?”

Haven’t we already screwed up sex enough in our society to go down this road yet again?

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