So I have a box with 25 softcover editions of my first book, A Microsoft Life, and 11 Hardback copies. I asked twitter if people would like signed personalized copies from this stock so here’s the deal!The softcover is $16 plus shipping generated by Paypal. I originally said $15 but I could not find on Paypal where I could include “handling” in order to input the 99 cents the envelope costs so I just added that to the base price. (Seriously the Paypal options are daunting to me.  It’s sometimes hard to figure out just how you want to sell on your site.  Anyways.) There are 25 of the softcovers.There are 11 Hardback copies at $26 a copy plus shipping.VERY IMPORTANT: When you make your order tell me your favorite thing in the “message to seller” box. I will make this part of your personalized inscription.

So! Here you go, a button for the softcover:



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