My PAX East Schedule.

Wow that escalated quickly!  So here’s my current schedule for PAX East.  Please note that due to the late breaking nature of my attending I am not able to have books and writings for sale, however I am happy to sign anything and please do stop me and say hi if you see me walking by!

Friday Night/Saturday Morning at Midnight in the Manticore Theatre: The Business of Penny Arcade

I will be interviewing/moderating a session with Robert Khoo, President of Operations and Business Development for Penny Arcade.  This session will be about 65% interview format and 35% open Q&A from the audience.  Join myself and Robert to discuss the unique challenges of operating such a diverse and popular organization.  Also there might be some shenanigans.

Saturday night at 6pm in the Manticore Theatre: Major Nelson Podcast!

I’m back!  For a special live engagement I’m taking my old seat as co-host alongside Larry, e, and Laura for Major Nelson Radio.  We’re going to talk about PAX, what we’re playing recently, geek stuff, and Felicia Day will help me up the Red Head quotient of the show to say hi too.

Sunday Morning, 11:30am in the Arachnid Theatre: The Harmonix Podcast LIVE!

I’m going to drop in on my good friends at Harmonix for their live podcast.  Other interesting people are going to be there too so it’s critically important that you keep it a secret.  Because not only will it be like a totally exclusive thing that only you know about, I just realized I used the word only too close to another use of the word only and now the whole sentence is awkward.  Come see the podcast.  It will be totally only.

If there are any updates to my schedule I will post them here, but more importantly, if you (YES YOU) have questions you would like me to ask Robert Khoo please post them in the comments.


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