There’s been a change of plans. I’m going to park…the car. At…harvard…yard. (Wink) (Nudge)

Due to some fancy footwork, some projects, luck, and various sundry things I *will* be attending PAX East in Boston weekend after next.  I’ll be there all three days.  I’ve not set out my schedule yet, but as soon as I know more I will post it here.

I’m really happy I was able to make this happen as I’ve attended every PAX on both coasts since 2007 and was really bummed I might miss it this year.  I’m trying to figure out if there’s something creative I can do before hand to have on hand at the event both for backers of my Kickstarter and anyone else.

More details soon.


  1. Paul Neafsey says:

    As a fan of your MS work, and I backed the kickstarter, I look forward to seeing you there! Don’t need anything, just seeing you. And my wife would *LOVE* more doggy pics.

    • Black_Six says:

      Yeah, don’t feel like you need to have something on hand. Just say hi to the people who think you’re cool (and sneak onto Major Nelson’s podcast again ;) ).

  2. DeFFeR says:

    Will you have copies of your book with you, and will you have your phone square? Mostly, I just want to pay someone using a square… but I’m sure your book will be a decent read as well.

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