Doing some testing, and sharing an important video

Still messing about with the new capabilities of the blog.  One of the things I was always stymied about with Sharepoint is that it would never let me embed script or videos, so I always had to do things statically. No more! 

So I’m testing an embed of a video that is from an A&E special that is very important to me from the early 80’s.  It’s called “Moses Pendleton Presents Moses Pendleton” and it is about the world renowned founder of the Momix and Pilobolus dance groups. 


I love this special so much.  Not just because of the way it is filmed, or the subject (who is one of the most influential Choreographers in my lifetime), but because it taught me to appreciate an art I didn’t before.  And anything that does that, has to be special.

I could give you a lot of further preamble about why the video is important to me, but I think anyone who creates or wants to create or enjoys what others create will get it without me having to explain it.  Please enjoy.


from J. Mitchell Johnson on Vimeo.

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