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So I’ve spent the last 48 hours configuring the blog and importing some content and I’ve rediscovered that I absolutely LOVE tinkering with shit I do not know or understand. You see, when you are silly like me and run with your own solution instead of just paying a service in the cloud or a designer, stuff breaks and doesn’t work right and you gnash your teeth.

I don’t build PC’s anymore.  I kind of miss it, because every PC I ever built from scratch invariably took a day to get to just boot up as I had to mess with BIOS settings and clock speeds and RAM configuration. 

Over the past 2 days I’ve configured this new software to withstand the level of hits that the hardware might experience, so I have tweaked and configured for that special case.  And in the process I broke and fixed a dozen things.  I also implemented a third party comment system, which also broke things I had to fix by hand.  Did I mention my platform is mostly meant to be run on Linux so most of the troubleshooting steps involve “grep the tarball” and “sudo the bin directory”? 

And yet it’s been a blast. Twitter helped me understand what setting in my Cascading Style Sheet was making the twitter badge on my site display a tiny font.  I got off the phone tonight with my friend Joel from Hijinks Ensue and was chomping at the bit to schedule backing up my new MySQL database, then schedule optimizing it!

I am a geek.  It’s at times like these that I am at my most comforted.  The twiddling.  The tweaking.  Running a test that shows some tiny change you made made a huge difference in [INSERT WHATEVER GEEK THING YOU NEEDED]. To my followers on twitter who are less than grease monkey when it comes to debugging PHP, I’m sorry.

To the rest however, REVEL IN OUR TIME.


  1. I’m sure you’ll get a ton of questions like this, but why did you not choose a blogging engine that ran on Microsoft technologies? Of course, WordPress is a great platform with lots of years of development and growth, but as you said it prefers a different environment.

  2. Rafael Dohms says:

    StepTo, as a PHP Evangelist who works very closely with Microsoft in LatAm, feel free to hit me up with any WP/PHP questions, if i don’t have an answer i can surely point you to someone who has. I was mostly late to your twitter questions last night, sorry.

    Thanks also to Microsoft for the great with the PHP Community and Technology.

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