If Everything’s Bigger in Texas, w00tstock Might Be 9 Hours Long*.

It occurs to me that in my rush of doin’ stuff I had neglected to make a blog post about my presence at w00tstock 2.9 and 2.10 in Austin and Dallas, respectively. And now that Stepto.com is actually hosted out of my ISP instead of my house, making this post won’t result in a denial of service against my home Internet line.

As soon as I knew that Texas was being examined for possible w00tstockage opportunities I let the powers that be know that I wanted to be a part of any Texas shows if they would have me.  So when the venues came down as Dallas and Austin I *knew* it was serendipitytastic because I was already going to be in Texas on the days of the shows anyways, sending Rochelle off on a trip to Cabo with her mom. Low and behold the powers that be agreed!

(what’s w00stock you say?  Why, I’m so glad you asked.)

Therefore, although I have already facebooked it and twitterficated it, here are the details:

Tue. 11/2: w00tstock 2.9 – Austin
Paramount Theatre – 7 pm
featuring Neil Gaiman as “Wil Wheaton”
Confirmed guests:
Bill Amend; Jason Finn; Molly Lewis; Mary Jo Pehl; “Red Vs. Blue” creators Rooster Teeth; AND ME!

Wed. 11/3: w00tstock 2.10 – Dallas
Granada Theater – 7 pm
featuring Paul F. Tompkins as “Wil Wheaton”
Confirmed guests:
Bill Amend; Jason Finn; Molly Lewis; AND ME!

To say I am excited does a disservice to the word excited. I have a little more time on stage than previous w00tstocks so I will be bringing some new stuff and exciting surprises. I’m also looking forward to performing with such amazing people like the awesome Jason Finn and Molly Lewis, Bill Amend, Neil *fucking* Gaiman, and of course Adam and Paul and Storm. So if you’re in Dallas or Austin, or just nearby, come on out to w00tstock and get some nerd all over you.

You’ll thank me later.

*No it’s not going to be 9 hours long that’s a joke referencing the fact that w00tstocks tend to run long and see there I just ruined the joke by having to explain it to you and now I feel a little awkward because you are probably still reading this hoping that at some point I might make an even cleverer comment than the original joke (which wasn’t very good to begin with) but alas you will leave my page disappointed as even I myself am starting to tire of how long this sentence is becoming and am unsure if it can actually be ended because at this point it’s almost like it’s a runaway train except it’s one of those trains you see from time to time (usually at a train crossing so you have to sit there and stare at it) that has a lot of flat bed train cars on it but they are all empty and you kind of wonder what failure of planning on the part of a shipping company sent a full cargo train somewhere that it would have nothing to bring back and that is precisely the point I am trying to make here, that a failure of planning on my part led to this runaway empty cargo fail train of a footnote.

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