Back on the Air

Ahead of the co-location for the site at my ISP, I took the opportunity to do a complete rebuild from scratch with all new software.  So I wiped the machine in my house, and laid on Windows Server 2008 R2 x64, SQL Server Express 2010 r2 x64, and SharePoint 2010 x64. Everything laid down just fine, but I ran into many unexpected problems migrating my old Windows SharePoint Services content database over.  Too many things changed in the SharePoint 2010 blog template.  Content editor web parts changed function, themes changed completely, and many items flat out refused to carry over.

Luckily the Internet is around.  I was able to fix my authentication and content mapping problems, as well as search issues with the site.

One thing still to fix is the fact the color scheme is still a little messed up, for instance this text should be much brighter but I cannot find a way in the new SharePoint theme editor to get granular control over the *entire* color scheme without diving headfirst into CSS editing which I am loathe to do. Comments are currently turned off too until I figure out how to integrate Disqus or Intense Debate into the new SharePoint. 

But so far I am really pleased with the speed and performance of the clean install on the little Dell Studio Hybrid that makes up

So here’s the first post on the new platform.  I’ll be updating soon with news on my w00tstock performances in Dallas and Austin as well as a very special announcement coming soon. 


EDIT: Oh yay I found out my blog writing software will change the text brightness for me. So.  Yay.

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