If you think Lupus is a Harry Potter spell, it’s not.

Lupus erythematosus is an autoimmune disease. It’s a difficult affliction to understand. But if you have it, it’s worse that people don’t take it as seriously as they should. Like many diseases of this type it attacks the body’s ability to defend itself, making it very difficult to detect and treat.  While no where near as impacting as HIV, research into understanding any autoimmune disease benefits all.

I’ve spent most of my life writing, in one way or another, scribbling in notebooks or web forums or my blog.  My goal for a long time was centered around, sought directly or not, that moment for any writer when someone says “Hey.  This is good stuff.  We would love to pay money for your work.”

Without my even actively seeking it, that moment arrived a few weeks ago, from a Hugo award winning author no less that I have deep respect for.

And now’s the time when we make that work manifest for the benefit of others.  It’s with great pride and a deep sense of honor that I pass along the announcement of CLASH OF THE GEEKS!


Click HERE to obtain it.

This electronic chapbook compiles the efforts of many authors more worthy than I to explain, in some form or fashion, what in the living FUCK is going on in that painting of Wil Wheaton and John Scalzi.

Yes, it’s being offered for free but with a strong suggestion to donate.  I chose to give up my offered commission for the charity itself.  So I humbly ask anyone reading this to please donate 5$ (or more if you can) if you plan to download the book.

The stories in this book are rolled carefully in geek batter and dusted with love in nerd breading then deep fried with the tenderest of touches in a blend of oils pressed from seeds of charity and virgin pits from the finest fruits of the Internet.

I’m absolutely flipped out beyond measure to be on the same cover with John, Wil, and many other amazing authors over such a fun thing to benefit a good cause.

I read the book last week on my iPad when John offered up the proof copy, and I can say without doubt that two things will befall anyone who reads this book and donates a few dollars.  Number one you’ll feel great about supporting a very specific charity, and number two you’ll know without a shadow of a doubt, beyond the farthest reaches of understanding, just what is happening in that painting.

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