A Geekster’s Paradise Part 5: Once More Unto the…

After already delving into an inadvertent treasure trove and finding such treasures, gems, and Hungarian phrase books, my next discovery really threw me for a loop.

As computer gaming in the late 80’s/mid 90’s became more sophisticated as a matter of execution, new functionality like multiplayer or shared content began to emerge.  One of the very first game systems to create shared content was developed by Mindcraft/Omnitrend, known as “Interlocking Game System”.  There were only two games I ever owned that used this: The outstanding space fleet combat simulator Rules of Engagement 2, and this game:


Breach 2 was a tactical marine squad combat simulator, where your squads would infiltrate enemy starships or other locations and you would have to guide them to victory. In many was it was the predecessor of games like X-COM UFO Defense.  The combat was turn based and shown from an isometric point of view.

I spent probably hundreds of hours playing these two games.  Through a software patch, Breach 2 became the method by which you boarded enemy ships you had defeated (or worn down) in Rules of Engagement 2.  Rules of Engagement 2 mimicked the LCARS interface of Star Trek: The Next Generation, even down to having an awesome multi code input self destruct mechanism for your ship. 

It’ even features a scenario editor for building your own missions once you ran through the ones that came with the game. I would draw out elaborate plans of the interiors of the other ships and plot my squad’s best path through to ensure I captured it most effectively with the loss of the fewest marines. I confess to more than once chomping on a cigar as my most experienced marine, Squad Leader “Apone,” led the squad through all manner of Aliens or Star Wars ship invasions I could think of.

Breach 2 was a real treasure of a game. Of all the game manuals I found that day, this game along with Rules of Engagement 2 brought me more enjoyment per hour of just about any game I bought during that time period.  I wish I could find my Rules of Engagement 2 manual.

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