Attended a Dinner, Helped the Children

Tonight was kind of a roller coaster ride for me.  After submitting our auction idea to the Child’s Play charity and having it accepted, then upgraded to the live auction during the dinner, I was kind of a bundle of nerves going into it.  First I said I would like to get $500 dollars for the idea, then when it was set to be live auction I back peddled and twittered that I would be happy with $250.

I’d like to take this opportunity to quote Jerry “Tycho” Holkins from a little while ago: “Dude the Banhammer aspect *had* to be played up. Great idea”

Tonight I sat in awe as the auction opened at $500.

You gotta understand the Child’s Play dinner.  Major Nelson, e and I arrived early to visit with friends and hang out at the silent auction. I got there ahead of Rochelle, because I wanted to chat around before dinner and the actual event. I was already pretty nerved up when I ran into my friend Wil, of the Wheaton clan, at the registration.  I didn’t know he was going to make it in so we chatted for a bit before we got our respective auction packets. After exchanging greetings and an inquiry as to where Rochelle was (she was caught in traffic) I blurted “Dude I’m nervous”, to which he replied the best possible response “Have you *seen* the Scribblenauts painting up for auction?” I had not and unfortunately my pic of it didn’t turn out. I’m convinced the reason for this is that it was so epic it cannot be captured by film. But it got my mind off of being one of only a dozen or so live auction events for the night for such a huge charity.

Rochelle arrived shortly thereafter and e and his girlfriend and Rochelle and I reached our table.  As various auctions came and went I only grew more nervous.  Stupidly in my mind I envisioned Jerry or Mike calling out “And now, lot 109, an entire day touring the Xbox Headquarters and being a member of the enforcement team!  Starting bids are 20 cents” followed by a crippling silence.

As each auction passed, bids ranging from under a thousand to many thousands I started to relax a bit.  But my jaw hit the table when Jerry opened the bid on our auction at 500 dollars and multiple hands shot in the air. A wide spread bidding war, to my total amazement, brought the total to $1500 dollars before two foes battled it out-battle….style- to bring the final bid total to $2000.

To be clear, we’re going to make sure the winners have an EPIC visit, but I want to say right here, right now: I’m going to ride this fucking high well into the spring.  It’s not every day you can send an email, spend six hours, and create $2000 worth of love and help for a sick children.

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