I suppose I could be angrier than I am.

Wrote this one back in April but didn’t get around to finishing it. Here it is for end of year.

In may of 2004, in the midst of the Sasser worm, I put down my first dog, too soon at just four years old. Hennessy was dying of cancer and I didn’t see the symptoms, I was so busy with Sasser. A team mate on my team almost missed the birth of his first child because of Sasser. Countless customers were affected by a kid’s idea to drum up business for his mom’s computer repair shop.

Afterwards, I wrote an open letter Sven Jaschan asking him not to squander the second chance he was given when he was given a more or less free pass by the German judicial system. I asked him to take this opportunity to teach kids like himself that actions have real unintended consequences on people.

I despair to find no evidence he ever did such or made any statements publicly regarding his actions that might be construed as being helpful or serve as a warning to others who might take the same criminal path.

It’s tempting to get upset about it. That was such a heart-breaking time in my life due to the actions of one stupid kid.

But I suppose in the end we take our second chances for granted sometimes.

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