The plan.

I’ve been assured by the Mac-erati that my experience was just one with bad support, and that I should restore to default and use the power of the tubes to solve the x64 Vista install, as many of them are happily running it.

So the plan now is to get Vista64 on (to answer other people’s questions I need native Windows for Gaming and do not plan to use OSX more than 50% of the time) alongside OSX.

Then I will embark on a bold experiment of forcing myself to use OSX for all mainstream tasks (not gaming) and then I will write something up on my impressions on it. I’m actually looking forward to doing that as I have not really messed with the Mac OS since the version 9 days.

[EDIT: Apparently my problem was I needed to download the most recent version of bootcamp that supports x64. Which, you know, IS THE KIND OF ANSWER I WOULD EXPECT SUPPORT TO GIVE ME. Ah well will try it tonight.]

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