I am typing this from OSX on an iMac

Got the home office redesigned and got the entire network back up. In addition I now have a new 24" iMac with the NVIDIA 8800GS card with a Viewsonic 24" secondary monitor up and running. OSX seems to handle my blogging software just fine and now I shall bootcamp Windows Vista!

[EDIT Installing Vista x64 on the iMac has become a horrible experience. Not because of Vista, but because Apple’s Bootcamp, the software that allows the install of Windows, refuses to support 64 bit Windows Vista on the iMac, despite the 64 bit processor on the iMac. When I call Apple support trying to get it to work, I was told A) the x64 version of Vista is well known in the industry to be unstable (which seriously made me lol, its by far the most stable version of Windows ever) and B) Microsoft itself refuses to support x64 Windows Vista on any hardware (um hello, I WORK THERE, I HELPED MAKE IT, I KNOW IT’S SUPPORTED)

What a horrible experience. All I hear from people is how great Windows runs on a Mac and my experience has been the exact opposite for the past 3 hours. Very, VERY disappointing. Going to bed now, maybe I will get it to work tomorrow. But I refuse to go back to 32 bit after running 64 bit Vista on all my machines for a year and a half now. I’ll return the iMac before I run 32 bit on it.]

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