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So I have an extra sealed copy of Jonathan Coulton’s DVD/CD combo of his



2008 San Francisco concert, also known as Best. Concert. Ever.

Jonathan was fully compensated for this copy, it was not a gift, and neither he, nor Kristen Shirts, nor Paul and Storm, nor Andy Bates, nor the pink haired zombie lady featured in the DVD have anything to do with what I am about to propose.

I want to give this tremendous gift a good home.  Recently I was inspired by a twitter contest for the crappiest superhero name (my entries?  IronMeh and Captain Corporeal). So I propose that you, if you so wish to have a boon, send me via the tuber web inter world trucks, your submission for the worst titled fictional video game ever.

Here’s my example submission:

Comanche Maximum Overpong Commander IV: The Price of Pong

The winner receives the copy of the DVD/CD set.  Second place?  A set of steak knives*.  Third place?  You’re fired**. Here are the Rules***.

The winner will be chosen when I arrive at E3 in LA Sunday, 5.31.09


Good luck!

* Yup.  You really will win these knives for second place.

** Yup.  You’re really fired.****

*** The posting regarding this contest is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights. This is a private give away run by myself. The rules may include but are not limited to: 18 or older. This contest has no affiliation with the Microsoft Corporation, nor any of the affiliated artists. I (Stepto) will cover shipping of your prize under normal insurance values. You must disclose a valid shipping address to receive your prize, that address will be known only to me. Only submissions using the supplied link with recipient and subject in this post entitled ENTER HERE are valid.  Submissions are subject to the Creative Commons license for in that you own the copyright and I am allowed to repost your content with attribution to you non commercially. Hi, how are you? I’ve noticed you’ve read this far.  You are awesome and/or a fine print freaky pervert for going to this extent. I find you strangely attractive. You agree to swear under oath that Han Shot first. I agree as a condition of this contest that I am basically giving you something for free if you win and that you should really not be a dick about it if you decide that you don’t like the cover art or something and that all your complaints are really nit picky bullshit that you should take up with Jonathan Coulton but seriously that would totally be a dick move. Lastly I’m not joking about the Han Shot first thing.  Or I might be.

**** Not really.