Rural Livin’

So rural living story:

I let the dogs out a little while ago. Then went to let them in. No dogs.

“That’s odd, I thought, did they get out? The GPS tracker says no” then Basil bolts by me with a chew toy in his mouth.

“Oh,” I thought “He must have grabbed it on his way out and I missed it….wait…we don’t have a grey chew toy”

Lucien ran by in full rage mode.

“What the hell?” I thought.

Turns out Lucien had killed a rabbit from the warren in the grove. Basil then did his retriever thing and grabbed it to carry around. Lucien was furious his kill had been stolen by Basil and I am standing on my deck watching Wild Kingdom unfold.

So I put Lucien in the house by enticing him with treats, then get Basil to drop the rabbit by enticing him with treats and put him in the house. Now I have a gorgeous 2 pound dead bunny. Fresh kill no blood. I examine him to make sure he’s actually dead not just gone tharn (yup dead, neck snapped) and I have a choice to make. Butcher him, bury him, or get rid of him.

Butchering him requires I get out the knives and block, skin gut and clean him. a 40 minute process done properly. Burying him, take him out on the land, dig a hole, and put him in and fill. Same time.

It’s 1am. I’m already super tired. Walking the carcass out to the edge of the land and tossing him into the brush and let nature take its course: 5 minutes.

Sorry Mr. Bunny no tombstone for you. But if I had, it would say “Here lies Bunny McRabbit. Too dumb to know a fenceline with a Mini Aussie in it”


** Yes the dogs are rabies up to date


  1. JD says:

    Rest in peace Stepto. You meant a lot to me even though we never met. You were an inspirational, witty, fun person to listen to. I hope you are with Remington now.

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