I’m Not Even Supposed To Be Here Today

A year ago I fell into a coma and came out of it. Since that time I’ve see a Star Wars film that didn’t suck and in fact was awesome, I got to be around for nieces (and soon a nephew!) being born, I got to see the first female presidential nominee win the primaries, played with my dogs in the ocean, met all kinds of wonderful people, did a show of my own here in Seattle, and in general got to count my blessings.

Oh, some negative stuff happened as well but it’s sort of hard to be too upset about things when technically it could be argued I am living on borrowed time. That’s not to say my health is in any danger at the moment, more so that I never expected to go into a coma in the first place so health issues arising completely out of the blue is a constant anxiety for me.

I’ve become a lot more interested in the stories of how we got to where we are today, a bit more relaxed about the possibilities of what I view as negative things turning out positive over time, and being pretty thankful for where I am at.

All of this is to say keep your sense of humor close, try not to carry excess baggage, and try to be excellent to each other. Open-mouthed smile

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