In Which I Concoct a New Way To Pay My Rent.

So for those who don’t know from Twitter or Facebook, towards the end of November I was laid off from my position of Director of Product Management at GAEMS.  We’d just shipped the Halo UNSC Vanguard and the follow up to the G155, the Sentry.  The company pivoted to pure sales since they had two new products and my position was defunded. I certainly wish them the best, that’s the way it goes when you take a chance working with a startup. I’m proud of the products I helped make and learned an *incredible* amount about designing, sourcing, manufacturing, and shipping a consumer electronics device from China. (If you just want a tiny taste of what I now know how to do, read this. If you’d like to see my resume, click here.)

So now I have that video game industry notch in my belt: “Shipped a product, got let go.” Achievement unlocked!

A number of interesting opportunities lay on the horizon, but I decided to take the time to do something creative last month.  Over the past few years I’ve been performing standup style geek comedy at a number of different events and venues, so I thought I would write and record a comedy album!  Here it is, you can buy it RIGHT NOW.

This photo was shot at Molly Lewis' Graduation Concert at The Triple Door in Seattle, June 24th 2012.

This was an enormous amount of fun to do and I am really proud of it.  If you’ve seen me perform a small amount of this will be familiar to you but much of it is new and expanded material.  I keep it fairly clean for the most part, so I wouldn’t call the comedy “Explicit” in any sense, but some of it is definitely mature.  It will soon be available on iTunes and Amazon Mp3, but if you buy the bandcamp edition you get a bonus track, and I get a greater percentage of the sales.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are one of my Kickstarter backers check your email, this album is free for you.

So please support getting excited and creating things on the Internet!  (so that I can make Wells Fargo happy this month)

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