Newtown, Now, Here.

If you want to send a physical letter to the families of Newtown, CT here is the address:

Message of Condolence
PO Box 3700
Newtown, CT 06470

I wrote something, I never know honestly if this type of thing is pretentious or not, but I thought it fitting.  Art is nothing if not the expression of the creator for catharsis in whatever form.

I was really disturbed by this particular shooting.  They are all horrible.  But I can almost wrap my head around deranged killers attacking adults or students attacking students.  But for an adult to massacre defenseless children in such a one to one fashion.  Well I’ve had a hard time processing it. Anyways this is what I overnighted to that PO Box. I’ll throw it up here because it means something to me.

Time is not unlike an ocean
boundless, wide and deep.
From calm sea to tempest storm;
cradle, comfort, weep.

Predators swim, their nature known
veiled, sad and scorn.
In spasm thrash, strike swiftly;
robbing, carnage, torn.

Moments serve as tranquil rivers
cherished, pause and glow.
Memorial, for what’s passed;
survive, reflect, woe.

Weak and fruitless seem these words but
console, love and cheer.
Know now that we stand by you;
Newtown, now, here.


  1. Taylor Paul says:

    I live in Tucson, and though I did not personally know anyone involved in the shooting involving Congresswoman Giffords, the entire city still felt the impact of the shooting. Around that time, I ordered a copy of your book, and with that book, you wrote “Together We Thrive”, a phrase that helped the city overcome the sadness and pain that followed the tragedy. The fact that you wrote those words with the book had a huge impact on me and let me know that the entire country felt the pain that we did as a city and that others were thinking of us. You writing this for Newtown means more to them than you could possibly know.

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