Look upon ye now, on the face of pitifulness.

Remington is on his third transfusion.  This is somewhat of a normal process in the healing for his disease.  His body has to be given red blood cells so that he can start producing platelets and white cells.  After each transfusion however, he has to wear a soft collar so that he won’t lick his needle prick spots.  He…he doesn’t like it.


So far he has more platelets, still struggling on white blood cells.  But his quality of life is great, he’s home and has energy.  He can play in the yard a little bit and sleeps with us.  He’s still not out of the woods.  But he’s turned some corners.  And should he not make it from some event Rochelle and I cannot control, I will certainly look at the steps we did as steps to keep his quality of life and not just keep him with us for our own reasons.

But he’s a pretty strong little guy, and has endured this terrible situation without whining or whimpering.  I know I couldn’t be that way.


  1. Matt Man says:

    That’s so much better than a hard cone.  Corgi next door could put him in a run for the pitiful title as he’s been wearing a hard cone all week after trying to be a speed bump.

    Looks like Remy has boots on too!

  2. As an xbox live member i know of Stepto.  His Gamerscore is just about where mine is “retrozoon”, plus i’ve grown fond of remy.  He’ll make it….that pic does seem like he’s wearing little ‘paw’ boots on his front feet..  I guess where they shaved him for the IV’s. :)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Good to see that Remi is home. Fan of the show & been following this saga with a lump in my throat as I’ve “been there, done that” with my cocker spaniel, Kahlua, some time ago.  Lymphoma in our case.

    We ended up with more years than anyone expected at the start, but it’s always hard to look into those eyes and make those decisions.  I learned that you have to just look forward, not backwards.  I know that second-guessing yourself is the way to madness.

    All the best.

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