Reflection 2010, somewhere beyond the sea

So I’m writing this from the balcony of the Holland America Eurodam, looking out over a vast dark sea.  I have a nice glass of cognac here, the sailing is smooth, and tomorrow I’m going to go horseback riding on the beach at Half Moon Cay and then snorkel, followed by an evening of tabletop gaming, Wil and Paul and Storm’s concert, and Rochelle and I enjoying a nice Italian style dinner.

There really aren’t enough sentiments in the word "lucky" to describe where I am in my life right now.  As I look back on 2010, I got to give presentations at PAX East and PAX Prime, I was invited to perform at w00tstock not once, not twice, but four times.  I’m a performer here on the JoCoCruiseCrazy cruise, and I published a book.  All while getting to do a job every day that I believe is incredibly important, working alongside a team of the most dedicated and awesome team mates anyone could ask to have working for them.

I got here via a lot of hard work and many years paying dues for sure, but there’s no real way to express how much all this can be transient and to be thankful for it all.  I guess I owe a lot of that thanks to anyone reading this.

I wouldn’t have a blog or a twitter or any of the cool awesome things that have happened to me recently if it wasn’t for people interested in my thoughts or jabberings, and wanting to talk about it or discuss it or hear more.

So yes, I’m sitting here right now in a pretty awesome place. But if you’re reading this, in a great part I have you to thank for it.  So thank you very much, and here’s to an amazing 2011 for you.  I hope I can continue to contribute in some small way to making you laugh or keeping your interest.

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