I Bookified my Blogerations part 2: The Hardbackening

All right let’s see how deep a hole I done dug. Clearly I underestimated the demand for the personalized hardback edition of my book, so here it is.  I am now taking orders for A Microsoft Life, hardback edition.  The link is just over to your right on the Buy Now button.  Please note, the Lulu button is for the paperback and ebook copies.  (for those waiting on Kindle, Amazon.com, Nook, BarnesandNobles.com, and Apple iBook, there will be a third post in this series when those are available, and the buttons on the bade to the right will be updated)

Don’t click the button just yet!  There’s stuff you need to know. Here’s how this is going to work.  I have copies of the book heading to me.  They should arrive in the next 10 days.  Each paypal order (and yes I’m sorry wikileaks supporters I’m using PayPal) gets you a copy of the book personalized by me, as well as a free copy of the .PDF sent out via email so you can start reading immediately.


During checkout you will see this screen, I need you to click where I note in the screenshot:


In the notes I need three key things:

The name or nickname you want the book personalized to.

That person’s favorite thing.

A valid email address to send the PDF to (if not the Paypal confirmation one.)

On the inside of the book I will be writing a short message to that person involving their favorite thing.  Plus I need a place to send the PDF.

I have set the price for the hardback at $24.99 with 6$ in shipping and handling inside the US and territories and $18 dollars S&H for International.  After doing a bunch of math, those rates seemed to be the best median price points for me to manage two shipping zones as opposed to, say, 7 or 8.  If you *really* think I’m a jerk for the shipping breakdown please send me an email pleading your case and your shipping charges and maybe we can work something out.

So!  I reserve the right to reject certain names (No “Dixon Cider”’s etc), and fair warning if this takes off I might have to throttle the amount, in which case I will take the button badge down until I catch up.  I don’t want anyone to wait more than three weeks from payment to receiving their copy.

Go for it!  I mean…you know, if you want to.

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