In which a blogger apologizes

Sorry. I been slack.  The past few weeks have been filled with awesomeness, both in gaming and in just general stuff I have been working on.  Mass Effect 2 and Bioshock 2 were released.  My mom came up to visit. And out of the blue our breeder contacted us to say one of these, is mine:


Buddy is 9, and Adia is 5.  We do believe in spacing out our pets.  Buddy is alive and well and going grand, we expect several more years of companionship from him.  But we felt since Adia has bonded with him so strongly that we had to make sure when it comes time for ourselves, as stewards of our pets’ lives, to make that most terrible and gentle of decisions for Buddy that Adia had someone to turn to.  One might insist I am anthropomorphizing our pets. But in my time as a dog owner I have discovered that what we think we know, even about human psychology, we don’t really know so much as we think we know.

This is a longwinded explanation to say we’re getting a puppy as much for Adia as we are ourselves. If all goes well we will be bringing home one Remington Martin in early April to join the family.

Lest this be as simple as all that, as I mentioned in an earlier post I have some other stuff to share.  But I can’t quite yet.  It’s awesome though. Once the law talkin’ people approve it I think you will like it too.

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