I’ve got the PAX

The PAX ‘09 schedule has been posted.  Here’s the entry for me and my team’s talk on enforcement:

Saturday, 3:00pm – 4:00pm, Unicorn Theatre

Enforcement on Xbox LIVE: Tales From The Din

Enforcement on the Xbox LIVE service isn’t just about whacking the bad guys. Join Stephen "Stepto" Toulouse, head of Xbox LIVE Policy and Enforcement, as he walks you through not just the ins and outs of policing the service (along with some fun stories), but also working with game developers to keep ahead of the miscreants when designing their titles, and the gaming community as a whole to understand what gamers want. Stepto and his team will also take your questions about banning, cheating, or anything else you’d like to know about protecting the service.

Presented By Stephen Toulouse

Not only am I completely excited about presenting, I’m incredibly relieved our talk doesn’t coincide with another big name speaker! Our session with have a brief Q&A as well so come by, hear some stories, and meet the team!

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