E3:Day 3

After the keynotes and partying of the second day, it was time to hit the West Hall.

As I mentioned before the South hall was the home of the Microsoft booth plus many others. The West hall housed Sony, Nintendo, Capcom, and Activision.  Strangely, entering it was far more calm and staid then I expected. There was none of the shouty energy of the South Hall, which made for a far better experience demoing my favorite games that I wanted to see.

First off was the Sony booth and the viewing of MAG, God of War 3, and new titles I was super excited about like PAIN: Museum. I was disappointed we couldn’t see the new cart racing game and really not happy that The Last Guardian was no where to be seen. 

The Nintendo booth though made up for it with a fantastic playable showing of Resident Evil Chronicles and Dead Space: Extraction.  Dead Space Extraction is, in my opinion, a HUGE standout title for the Wii.  It is amazing and fun.  I really cannot wait for it.

We finished our tour of the floor and I retired for our awesome tweetup at the in-and-out burger in Hollywood. After that it was beers and dinner with a friend and early crash time since I had to drive the next day.

Overall this was my first e3.  In every way it was fun, crowded, and groundbreaking.  There wasn’t any swag, everything was about the playing of the titles.

I can’t wait for next year, everything about this event was amazing.

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