Snowpockyclypse 2008

The past week or so has seen some fairly heavy, but somewhat normal winter weather where I live. We get roughly 19 inches or so a year at my house during the winter months, mainly because we live on top of a ridge just above the snowline. This can lead to the amusing yet ultimately frustrating experience of it snowing at our house, but a mile down the road it’s raining.

I don’t mean to complain. I lived in Dallas for 30 of my 36 years and got to see maybe 9 inches of snow total in all that time. And I love snow. It’s nice up here because the snow comes, hangs around a few days, then melts. Rarely does it repeatedly jam its snowy cold fist up your ass.

This brings me to Snowpockyclypse. As I write this the sun has gone down and a light snow has begun that the weather center says will let up sometime around Barack Obama’s second term in office. In addition, for the next 24 hours our area, with its tall and snow/ice laden trees, will be subjected to 30 mph or higher winds. Gusting up to 50.

The last time this happened power was out for over a week.

So I have fresh gas in the genny. A stack of blog posts I started but never finished, a copy of Wil Wheaton’s "The Happiest Days of our Lives" audio book to listen to, and other assorted geekery to ride out the storm since Rochto is currently in Vegas with her Dad and brothers celebrating his 60th birthday at the craps table.

And yes, if the power goes out I *WILL* be playing Xbox Live on generator power.

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