I’m thankful that:

I have the incredible opportunity to work on video games for a living, with really amazing people.

The god damn New Xbox Experience is out!

My mom rocked the guitar in Rock Band last night.

I have happy, healthy pets. Well thankful except the cat. I think the cat may be plotting to kill us all. In fact, I’m sure of it.

I have friends I can rely on to be blunt and honest with me and vice versa.

There’s someone that listens to me no matter how I ramble, that I can listen to without judgement and try to help, that is as geeky as I am, loves asparagus as much as I do, and oh let’s be honest I would pay top dollar to watch them strip. oh wow TMI? TOO LATE.

Pretty sure this post isn’t what the white folk had in mind to be thankful for before they killed a mess of Indians over the next 200 years, but it is a nice way to reflect upon that which you enjoy holding on to to stay sane! Happy Thanksgiving!

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