My proposed debate question for the Vice Presidential debate

It’s really the only thing I care about in the debate between the Vice Presidential candidates:

The current office of the Vice President has maintained that, constitutionally speaking, the office itself is neither in the executive branch of the government as designed by the founding fathers, nor is it in the legislative branch. It is therefore not subject to oversight rules or laws specifically covering those two branches.

To each vice presidential candidate: Do you agree with this interpretation of the office of the Vice Presidency? Please answer "yes", "no", or "I don’t know" first, followed by your explanation.

Followup, if you agree with the interpretation, would you support an amendment to the constitution specifically defining which arm of government the Vice Presidency belongs to, such that proper legislation can be created to hold the office itself accountable to the people?

[EDIT: I am not stacking the deck here.

The Vice President *and* the President have invoked executive privilege with oversight committees in the Congress, claiming the office of the Vice President can invoke executive privilege. Therefore they view the office as not being in the legislative branch.

However, the office of the Vice President has refused to comply with an executive order regarding record keeping with the national archives for the executive branch, claiming that they are not part of the executive branch of the government.

By both asserting executive privilege and at the same time noting the constitutional role of the Vice President as the tie breaker as the "President of the Senate" in avoiding executive orders applying to the executive branch, this clearly shows that the office of the Vice Presidency views itself currently as belonging solely to no defined branch of the United States government according to the constitution. I do not think that is an unreasonable interpretation of the current state of things.

Now, one might try to defend this to say "well, the constitution is rather vague on this point" but that is a false defense.

Either the office is in one of the branches of government or it is not an office. And since the constitution defines it as an office in our government it must belong to one of the branches. I don’t care which, as long as it is in a branch so that oversight can be applied to it. This is how checks and balances work. We can all agree on that right? We’re supposed to have checks and balances? Currently there are no checks then on the office of the Vice Presidency if you accept the current interpretation.]

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