Oh you beautiful wonderful people.

So I began to notice over the past few months my Internet connection slowing down or not providing the full throughput. It was occasional and I didn’t really think much of it other than become slightly annoyed during a Halo game. It’s gotten worse over the past 2 months and I finally set about trying to figure it out.

Turns out Stepto.com web traffic is up something like 400% in the past 12 months. And since the site is hosted from a little machine on my desk here at home, ’twas impacting teh haloz.

So on the one hand, wow I’m super humbled you guys are checking out what I have to say. On the other hand it’s taking up my line. And on the gripping hand the hardware for Stepto.com is old and decrepit and needs to be updated.

So! Sometime in the next 24 hours Stepto.com will be moved to a new circuit and IP range. This will be the first IP change for me since 2002! Let’s hope Netsol moves faster than it used to.

This means that the site will be intermittently available as I move into the new IP space and DNS catches up.

This month celebrates the 10th anniversary of my registering Stepto.com, so no better time than to give it a refresh.

Dunno that I will go so far as to do a redesign but you never know!

Oh, and thanks for reading. :>

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