Livin’ La iMac Loca!

So I got this thing because it’s screen is beautiful and it’s all in one design appealed to me. Plus the idea of 24" dual multimon was too sexy to pass up. To wit:

command center!

Wrestling Vista Ultimate x64 onto the thing was a hideous chore compounded by the fact that while bootcamp will get the thing on the iMac, you’re on your own for sound and video drivers. Everything else, even the webcam, is supported. So after a day of modifying .inf files I had the thing up and running.

And it is wicked fast.

I’ve been poring over some PC games I meant to catch up on or that I missed. Specifically Homeworld2 and being able to run Counterstrike: Source at 1920×1080 with everything cranked to high. Gears of War for Windows runs extremely well on the 512 meg Nvidia 8800 GS, even in a window which is how I like to run my games.

Multimon is glorious with two 24 inch screens but I’m starting to realize just what Mac fans have been seeing with the glossy screens. Once you have a huge bright glossy screen in front of you, looking at a matte finish screen is awful. It looks like you need to clean the screen. So I’m considering moving the secondary matte finish viewsonic to another use somewhere and switch to a glossy screen.

I’ve not forced myself to stick with OSX for everyday tasks just yet, I’m going to start doing that Monday and will report here.

But I can say the iMac is highly Stepto approved.

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