Primary Colors Part 6

This will be my last primary colors post for 2008 as tonight, officially my role as state delegate for Barack Obama ends. At Large national delegates will be chosen tomorrow however I will be unlikely to be elected to that position as there are more than 500 candidates and 11 openings and I plan to enjoy a nice drive back tomorrow.

But that doesn’t mean I didn’t have a incredible experience this primary season.

Mai detailz! Letz me show you dem!

I didn’t hit the hospitality suites hard at all last night but for some reason I had a hard time waking up this morning. I chalk it up to my not sleeping well in general away from home.

But like a real something or other trooper I woke up this morning bright and early, ate my wheaties and downed my coffee and was at the opening ceremonies at 9am.





So I know I have already blogged about the parade but it was a surreal experience to be standing there, slightly swaying against the overall enthusiasm of the crowd combined with the overall miasma of the combined force of the surrounding hangovers, and quite another to be confronted with the sheer faux oppulance of the parade. Look!


Dismantle…Oppression? Isn’t that potentially oppressing oppression by sheer expression of needing to dismantle it?

Oh wait, there’s more:


THAT’S RIGHT PEOPLE. POLAR BEAR. Now I know I’ve expressed how anti bear I am in general but to see a freakish cardboard human generated pantomine of a polar bear IN REAL LIFE really changed my mind about them in general. For now. Thankfully Rumsfeld and Cheney made appearences, in true garb, to calm the crowd and unite against a cause.


It was about this point I started to seriously question what I had been putting in my coffee.

But with cries of "Yes we can!" and "Are there donuts?" we entered the hall for the running of the 2008 Washington State Democratic Convention.

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