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Sometimes, most times, it’s ok to play.

There’s all sorts of rules in human interaction. Too often in the face of challenge we’re focused all on being human, or adhering to a societal set of rules that, really, is just invented for structure’s sake not for real purpose.

Animals can teach us much in this regard.

Over the past few days we’ve been dog sitting a puppy who’s parents were the victims of a recent arson fire in Seattle. The family has a child and is awaiting a temp apartment, and the shelter has no space for their dog. So we took her in for a few nights. This is Keira, in repose:

Fun with pups

You might notice the open mouth, the teeth bared with our Golden Retrievers. This might give you pause. Oh no, THIS might give you pause:


Note the running and the play. This dog, a mere 24 hours ago, was thrown from an apartment complex that was on fire. Does she look shell shocked?


Play means healing. She’s just fine. Having fun, and our dogs are the better for it too.

So remember, life can shove a fist up your ass, but it’s up to us, and the kindness of strangers, as to how we deal with it.