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I M ‘n UR w00tstock, w00tin’ UR… stock.

So yeah, I got my brain rebooted this weekend, and in the best possible way.  It all started so simply. Rochto and I went to Vancouver this weekend to visit our breeder to pick up OUR NEW PUPPY REMINGTON MARTIN!


On the top of that being the most awesome awesome cute thing ever and we get to pick him up next week, we happened to be in town while Wil Wheaton was filming Eureka for SyFy. So we all arranged for a lunch beers and cheers.  Over hot wings, sushi, and great conversation (and one of the best seasonal ales I think I have ever had),  Wil piped up and asked me a simple question relating to Paul and Storm, and w00tstock.

My first thought was, since I had just had the good fortune of meeting Paul and Storm at PAX East, was that they somehow were involved in the w00tstock ticket sales and knew my name and…there must be something that hooked the two together…I think I blinked and I said:

What, is there something wrong with my tickets?”

Wil laughed “no no no, did they talk to you about being a part of the show?”

Over the next 20 minutes there was a ton of talk about stuff and things that to be honest I simply cannot remember right now as I processed the information and their ideas around what they thought I would bring to the event based on my previous PAX speeches and performances and my blog entries

*I was being asked to be a part of the show.*

I really can not detail much of that, other than I knew A) Some awesome friends had given me a new opportunity, and B) I will have to go off and bring some A game to make w00tstock Seattle and w00tstock Portland as awesome as I have the ability to contribute to.

So for now, Get yer tickets while they are available: Seattle   Portland. Because LoadingReadyRun will be there. Paul and Storm will bring the Awesome.  Adam Savage is going to geek the geekgathering, and Wil will be there of course to provide the Wheatoning.

So what am I going to do?  Well, I have an idea.  A theory. I don’t want to say too much just yet except that it will have a Microsoft focus…It will be from the heart…and I will try to live up to the wonderful geek fellowship opportunity that has been offered to me.

There’s a lot of ways to say thanks to people who tell me they respect what I do.  I would like to live up to that and give you guys something fun and enjoyable back, as part of a larger and more *awesome* geek experience.  Stay tuned.

Cause you know, there’s always surprises.