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In which I give up Alcohol.

September 24th, 2013

It was the midsummer of 1990, and I was still jet lagged from the trip all the way from Dallas to Frankfurt. I was sitting on the outside deck of the Kreuzberg Abbey, a few kilometers southwest of Fulda, taking in the fantastic view of the midsummer greenery of central Germany. It was an amazing […]

I made my share of Internet snarky comments but here is the deal: Miley Cyrus is a grown woman and if she wants to shake her butt on stage for the entertainment of herself and others then more power to her and she’s not a slut nor making a horrible mistake. I didn’t hear anyone […]

NOTE: This is a post about sex.  It’s not graphic or anything, but consider yourself warned.    I hate the fact that, for the most part in America, violence is fun and exciting and glorified. But sex is shamed and private and embarrassing. One is an abnormal behavior developed out of fear and power over […]

Because Facebook and other sites include the first paragraph of blog posts I’m going to pad for a bit so that no one gets things spoiled in their feed. If you want to read my (apparently pretty popular) non spoiler review of Star Trek Into Darkness, click here. I’m going to start a bit slow […]

In short, because it’s so well done I wouldn’t want to skip it if it was on TV. If you have not seen it, watch it now (weirdly embed is broken for me, so you will have to see it at the Youtube link) I’ve been thinking about this topic for a while and needed […]

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