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It’s weird, but it feels like I’ve been waiting all my life for this year, immortalized in the sequel to 2001: A Space Odyssey. 2009 was an incredible year. I discovered Songsmith.  I watched Barack Obama’s inauguration with a thousand excited friends in downtown Seattle. My awesome Mom turned 60! I invented a new word. […]

I’m on a bit of a hacking high for a moment so bear with me. For, well ever since I moved to Seattle more or less, my site has been based off of Windows SharePoint Services using its blog template. On the plus side, it’s extremely easy to set up a database centered blog with […]

It was 10 years ago today.

September 30th, 2008

I was incredibly lucky and fortunate enough to be able to afford my own 128k ISDN line in 1998. Rochto and I had just moved into a new apartment in Las Colinas, where the Microsoft Dallas satellite campus is located. Our place was at the corner of Macarthur blvd and LBJ freeway, aka 635. It […]

So I began to notice over the past few months my Internet connection slowing down or not providing the full throughput. It was occasional and I didn’t really think much of it other than become slightly annoyed during a Halo game. It’s gotten worse over the past 2 months and I finally set about trying […]


January 2nd, 2003

Photo by Erynn Rose ( is the personal website of Stephen Toulouse.  Stephen “Stepto” Toulouse has spent over two decades in the technology industry, including 18 years with the Microsoft Corporation. While there he served as consumer and corporate technical support expert for Windows Operating Systems, technical writer, trainer, crisis communications public relations expert, […]

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